Aliya Ahmed – CEOAliya - Owner Metafitnosis

Aliya has been a dedicated advocate of the Metafitnosis method since its inception in Islamabad in 2006. From being one of the earliest patrons, she quickly became an integral part of the Metafitnosis team and continues to play a vital role in our current team.

Having undergone her own remarkable transformation, Aliya understands the challenges and realities of weight management firsthand. She openly shares her journey, using her personal experience to inspire and guide clients as they embark on their own transformation journeys.

With her unwavering commitment and relatable approach, Aliya holds a crucial position within Metafitnosis. She plays a pivotal role in bringing our team together, fostering a supportive and empowering environment where clients feel motivated and encouraged to achieve their fitness goals.

Aliya’s passion for helping others, combined with her authentic and empathetic nature, makes her an invaluable asset to our team. Her dedication to sharing her knowledge and guiding clients through their transformative experiences is a true testament to the Metafitnosis philosophy.


Shehryar Ahmed – Director

Shehryar is a University of Toronto graduate who joined Metafitnosis as a client during his first summer break to beat the ‘freshman 15’, not realizing the journey he was embarking on. Since then, he had not only transformed physically, but fitness had become an integral part of his life. He worked at Deloitte in the Middle-East before deciding to move back, setup, and manage Metafitnosis.





Asfendyar Ahmed – Head Coach & Director

Asfendyar has done his Undergrad in Business Management from University College London. He started training himself at the age of 14 and has ever since been passionate about Fitness, Strength & Conditioning.

With over a decade of training experience, he has also done various certifications that Include Impact British Training, Precision Nutrition & a Physical Rehabilitation course by MoveU California.




Saniya Kanwal – CFO

Saniya has been with Metafitnosis since 2014. She has over ten-year experience in corporate finance and is responsible for all financial reporting, management, planning and treasury activities. Echoing Metafitnosis’ values, Saniya believes that in order to lead, one must maintain a long-term perspective and never sacrificing the quality of the provided service.





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